Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were at my father-in-law's bringing in Aubrey's first New Year and making comments on Dick Clark's countdown. You must all remember, right? "16, 15, 14, 12, 10, err, 11.." Not trying to poke fun, just thinking that the man should know when to pass the torch.

Anyway, I made this photo post in my Livejournal last night and decided to copy it to here. It's basically just a picture dump from the last year. I also need to do a recap of any progress I've made in my list (I don't even remember if I have.. I'll have to skim over it to see!). If so, I'll make a separate post for it. This deserves its own!

If you missed any of these events, I provided links back to the posts that I wrote about them. :)

Happy New Year 2010!

January 6th - first time meeting Aubrey's little cousin!

6 month portraits (note her lack of hair!)

February 14th - First Valentine's Day

February 23rd - The day I became a Great-Auntie to my niece's baby, Owen!

First bath in a big girl tub!

First bikini!

Saint Patrick's Day

Easter Bunny

First Easter!

Meeting Baby Owen for the first time (Carina, Mike & Owen live in Virginia, so we don't get to see them a whole lot)!

First trip to the aquarium!

9 Month Portraits <3

Beach day!

Pool <3

June 26th - 1st Birthday party!

July 2nd - Lady Gaga in concert!

First 4th of July, swimming in her Little Miss America bathing suit! (she missed it last year by just ONE day!)

July 5th - Aubrey's Very 1st Birthday!!

Birthday fireworks

July 9th - Her first steps!

July 12th - Happy Birthday, Daddy! (and Auntie Christina & Auntie Michelle!)

The Butterfly Place

Family portraits :)

The newest addition to our family, Phoebe the cat

September 3rd, 2010 - Aubrey's First Red Sox game!

September 20th - Aubrey's first vacation! Destination: Georgia!

October 2nd-5th.. first hospital stay :(

October 31st - Aubrey's first Trick-or-treat experience


Aubrey's motherly instinct kicks in!

Seeing Santa

Playdate with Rachel & Mackenzie

Ugly sweater party

Meeting Erin, Mina & Paige


Santa outfit <3

I HAD to throw in one of her Olivia presents because Olivia is her first "obsession" haha

First time playing in the snow

And I know getting professional pictures done with your friends is really cheesy, but a couple weeks ago when Goldie & I were at the mall, Sears had this little event going on and you got to spin a wheel and whatever you landed on was what you got. Well, we both landed on a free 10x13 premium portrait so we decided to get pictures of the 3 of us done. I'm going to use my coupon to get a new family portrait of me, Keith & Aubrey. I also signed up for their portrait club and any time I decide to go in and get her pictures taken, I can get a free 8x10 and not even have to buy anything else. Isn't that amazing? I could go in every single day for the next YEAR and get a free 8x10. So of course, the possibilities are endless. If Keith thinks our house is a "shrine to Aubrey" now, he hasn't seen ANYTHING yet! ;) I also want to get pictures of just me & Aubrey (wearing her 'Mommy Loves Me' shirt, obviously!) and just Keith & Aubrey (in what else but her 'My Daddy Is My Prince' shirt!)

But anyway, these are the pictures we decided on:

This was the 8x10 I chose

This was the 10x13 Goldie got.

But enough about that, I hope you all have a wonderful, SAFE New Years Eve! I will see you in 2011! :)

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Also.. just because I feel like spamming you all with my sister blogs.. Darby's Dishes will have a post very soon.. the debut recipe.. Cake Balls!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Santa did NOT disappoint this year.

We went to her Auntie Jeannie's on Christmas eve for dinner and gifts, then went to her Grampy's for some more gift-exchanging and a Yankee Swap. I got a box of Edible Arrangements and I was happy :) Her Nana spent the night so she could be with us Christmas morning, so Santa even brought her a stocking and some gifts!

Aubrey woke up around 8 to a living room full of presents. She opened her stocking, with contents ranging from bubble bath to socks to pretty little bracelets.

Our tree <3

Loves of my life <3

Aubrey being a good mommy :)

Table & chairs set!

Hmmm, what is it!? A Disney Princess rocking chair!

My little Aubrey Clause :)

Aubrey's Diner, open for business!

Wonder Pets play set

I think Aubrey's dolls got just as many toys as she did!

Shhh, the baby is sleeping ;)

Santa brought Aubrey a ton of clothes, some pretty awesome toys, and some fabulous accessories that she can't get enough of! She loves her bath crayons (though I hope she doesn't get the wrong idea and start drawing on ALL of the walls!). Santa was pretty good to me, too! He brought me a digital picture frame (maybe he overheard Keith saying that our house was an "Aubrey shrine" and decided to help him out a bit hehe). I also got a digital picture frame keychain so I can show my kiddo off everywhere I go!

Among other gifts were Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii (LOVE!), The Wiz (because Santa KNOWS I love me some Michael Jackson!), Keith Urban's newest album, and a kit to teach me how to knit.

He brought Keith some clothes, a new hat & wallet, a little machine to separate all of his coins (because clearly, he was the only one listening when I told Keith multiple times to stop leaving his change around the house for little hands to grab & put in mouths! :D)

Nana's gifts included a photo calendar chock-full of Aubrey pictures, a photo plate with a picture of her & Aubrey dressed in her butterfly costume (because we all know Nana LOVES butterflies!), and some Fig & Rose hand lotion.

What did Santa bring to your house this year?