Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy bee

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Let's recap!

Went to a toga party with Amanda.. gave smooches to Baby Peter ♥

Aubrey smooches too! What can I say, babies make good smooch targets ;)

Sometimes, I think Keith & I have more fun with Aubrey's bath crayons than she does. We like to write each other messages when we take showers. Clearly Keith didn't say I eat pancakes for breakfast, but you get the picture. We really do love each other, I promise.

What better way to start February than by coloring a new page on the calendar?

Gone are the days when she would actually SIT STILL for a picture.. :)

♥ Pigtails!

Is it Spring yet?

"But I'm.... not..."


Waiting for Daddy to get out of work with Dora & Boots!

Aubrey's new POTTY! (Don't worry, I won't be one of THOSE moms that takes pictures of their childs first potty trip) She was actually really cranky when we finally got home and tried to get her to sit on it. Little did I know what was right around the corner...

Doctor's visit? Boooo

Super delish football cupcakes I made for Superbowl Sunday!

We ended up leaving the party we were at early because Aubrey was absolutely miserable.

Today marks 2 years since Keith & I got married!! He took the day off (as well as tomorrow), though we weren't quite expecting to spend it with our sick baby at the doctor's office.. they did a couple tests to test for RSV and the flu, and while we waited for the results to come in, we had to get x-rays done of her chest. Turns out, she has the flu AND bronchitis. FUN!

This is what over $80 in prescriptions look like! But I can't put a price on my baby's well being. If it will help her get better, I'd pay thousands for it.

It's amazing what medicine can do. We went to Crackerbarrel for breakfast and Aubrey ate every last bite of her breakfast, which NEVER happens! She must've been starving after refusing food for 3 days!

Okay, no lie. My kid is a GENIUS. Alright.. but do you see how perfectly she wrote this A? The only thing I did in this picture was the circles to show her how to do it. We were at the bank. I walked over to the teller to take some money out and came back over to this. I nearly fell over.

While we waited for my check, Aubrey had fun looking in the mirror

Aubrey LOVES the escalators!

We even went to Build-a-Bear before her Doctor's appointment! After the rough week she had, she deserved a new pal. This is Mel!

I have been waiting FOREVER to get my hair done.. and it has finally happened. I LOVE it! There are a lot more highlights in it.. just can't see them in the picture.

Keith also got me a new camera! YAY! No more crappy cell phone pictures!!

We finished the evening at Carrabba's. I lovelovelove their Blackberry Sangria and grilled chicken!