Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Polka Dot Party!

Aubrey's party was a big success! I spent the night before at my sister's house to make food (and so I wouldn't have to make the half hour drive to her house in the morning)

Keith & Aubrey got there around 11

She had a blast with the balloons! I bought a helium tank and Jeannie & I blew them up. The room was filled!

My other sister, Dawn, made the big cake that everyone ate.

I made Aubrey's "smash cake". I had fun making the adorable banner to put on it!

Pictures of Aubrey's first year decorated the yard (along with jelly beans that matched the party's theme!)

The birthday girl's high chair, complete with a '1' banner, birthday bib, and a balloon bouquet that I didn't get in the picture

Original plans were to have a banner made that said "Happy 1st Birthday, Aubrey!" but it fell through, so when Jeannie & I went to a party store to get some streamers the night before and I saw this banner hanging, I had to get it because 1) It had polka dots (though its hard to see in the picture) 2) It had all the birthday colors (blue, green, orange, pink), & 3) Hello Kitty!!!

We decorated the deck with the streamers. I think it looks pretty neat ;)

Alright, enough with the decorations! Time for some photos of the guest of honor ;)

Enjoying some lunch

Pedicure! ♥

Mmmm, cake

So many presents!

Her favorite toy of the day? A brush she's had since the day she was born.

(but this balloon came in a close second)

They complete me <3

It was a great day. We were in the company of amazing family & friends who helped make her day amazing. I fought the tears all day and I think I did a pretty good job (except for when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to her, then a few tears snuck their way out). I can't believe how fast this year went by. It will make me treasure the years to come that much more.


Katy Mary said...

Looks fun, I love the streamers on the porch. Sorry we couldn't make it!

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