Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To You... ♥

Monday (July 5th) was Aubrey's actual birthday.. so obviously we celebrated!

The day started with me dressing her up in her birthday party outfit (since I got NO pictures of her wearing it at her party! Bad mama!)

I read online that Denny's gave a free birthday breakfast, so off we went!

(She ate maybe 1/6 of her scrambled eggs & silver dollar pancakes)

After Denny's, we went across the parking lot to Kohl's to do some shopping with a gift card that she got her for her birthday. We got her two fall outfits

"Mommy's Little Sweetie"

"Daddy's Girl"

We went to Grampy's to go swimming for an hour or so before we had to go home so I could get dinner ready. We had Keith's dad & stepmother (aka Grampy & Grammy) and my mother (aka Nana) over for a birthday dinner. I made chinese food (yes, made it! Grammy didn't believe I was actually making it but I promise there were no takeout containers involved). We had orange chicken, fried rice, and egg rolls. Aubrey just had some rice but she seemed to love it! After dinner, Christina came over with a birthday cake!

We did a quick outfit change because we knew we were going to see the fireworks (because, for some reason, our neighboring cities/towns like to do it a day early or late, never on the actual 4th)

We packed everything up and went down to Grampy's for cake & fireworks, since he's about a 5 minute walk from the area.

It was so hot.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Aubrey, Happy Birthday to you!

(Isn't her bow too cute!? I got it from Sophie's Candy! The girls that run this site are so sweet, and their stuff is adorable & very affordable! If you have a little girl I highly recommend them for your girly needs!)

After we enjoyed the yummy cake, we headed over to watch Aubrey's "birthday fireworks" (they were also the first time she has seen them, so it was really exciting!)

We ended the night with a dip in Grampy's pool since it was still in the high 80's, even at 10 at night (Aubrey is not normally up this late, but hey, it was her birthday!). As I was going to get a swim diaper and bathing suit for her, Grampy decided it was a good idea to just put her in the pool as she was, clothes and all (thanks, Grampy!). When she got out, her diaper weighed A TON. We got her all dried off and luckily, Grampy had a surprise (dry!) outfit waiting for her to go home in :)

Our little Red Sox cheerleader ♥

I almost made it the whole day without shedding a tear (hey, a first birthday is very emotional!). But when we were watching the fireworks, I couldn't help but remember that on that very same day exactly one year ago, we were watching those very same fireworks from my hospital room while we prepped for my c-section and I let a few tears go and gave my Birthday Girl an extra big hug.


We Three Kings said...

I *almost* got Tatum the same birthday outfit from Gymboree. I am in love with that dress- mike said he was tired of polka dots (go figure, it was a polka dot party).

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