Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aubrey's first hospital stay. :(

I posted our last update on Friday afternoon. We spent Friday night at home relaxing because Aubrey still wasn't acting herself. This continued into Saturday morning, and by noon I was really becoming concerned. She hadn't had a wet diaper or a drink since Friday night, and no food since Thursday. I also took her temperature and it was very low. We packed up the diaper bag and headed back to the hospital. We didn't even have to sit down in the waiting room. She was called very fast. We got our own little room off of the ER and they wasted no time in getting bloodwork and an IV administered. I layed with her in the hospital bed and went onto Youtube from my phone and was letting her watch cartoons.. but then a nurse came in with a portable tv and a bunch of cartoons so that was awesome. After a few hours of being hooked up to the IV and no wet diaper, the doctor made a phone call to the pediatric wing and admitted us.

We went up to our room and once we were settled, I went home and grabbed some things for the night. Around 10, the doctor came in and said there was blood in her stool. I was pretty upset because there are so many serious things that are linked to blood in stool. We spent the next couple of days sitting and waiting for the cultures to come back. Since it was the weekend, we had to wait until Monday to get the results back. There were a lot of tears from the both of us. I just wanted to trade places with her and take all of the pain away so badly. We passed the time by watching DVDs and reading stories. Every time a nurse came in, she would cry. They had to wear yellow robes because we were on a "precautions" list because they weren't sure if Aubrey was contagious. There was a fully stocked fridge down the hall that patients have access to, but we couldn't go and raid it whenever we wanted to. We had to call a nurse. Why? Because we were on "precautions". There was a tub room where kids could take a bath. Aubrey had to get a sponge bath and have her hair washed over the sink. Why? Because we were on precautions. There was a play room for the kids to play in. Aubrey wasn't allowed in. Why? Well, you get the idea. It SUCKED. Obviously I understand why we couldn't leave the room with her.. I just felt horrible that she was stuck in a 10x10 room for 4 days.

They wanted to discharge us on Monday but I refused. I just was NOT comfortable with going home. She still wasn't drinking anything and didn't have a wet diaper without being on the IV. They agreed to keep her longer. Tuesday she seemed to be on the road to recovery, so we got discharged around 11am.

We have been taking it pretty easy. She had a follow-up appointment with her doctor today and she has lost 2 pounds which is 10% of her body weight. She got 3 shots, including the first part of the flu shot. We have to go back in a month to get the other half and for a weight check-up since she lost so much. She hasn't really had much to drink but it's definitely progressing. I went to the store Tuesday night and got her a bunch of different drinks so she would have a variety to choose from. She has been eating like a champ. I guess it's just a matter of time til she's back to her normal self. :)

Violet kept her company

Poor babygirl :(

Toast, banana & Cheerios!

The Little Mermaid!

The day she got discharged. You can definitely tell she was starting to feel better!

I know I still have to make a post about our trip to Georgia, I will try to get that done ASAP!


Katie said...

oh my goodness this made me cry, i hope everything is better now, she is such a trooper!!!

Darby said...

Thanks girl! It was really tough but she is back to 100% now :)

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