Wednesday, December 15, 2010

101 Goals in 1,001 Days

I originally started this "project" right around this time last year. I made up my list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1,001 days and even made a sister blog to this one solely for writing about my goals and what I had accomplished. After a few days, I thought it was stupid and I was just setting myself up for failure, so I just stopped doing it.

Looking back on the past year, I wish I had kept up with it. It would have motivated me to do so much more with my time. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the days I spend playing with Aubrey and reading her Green Eggs and Ham 10 times in a row for anything.. but I want more. So, starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 16th, 2010.. and ending Thursday, September 12, 2013, I am starting over.. I made a couple tickers on my sidebar to help with tracking my progress.

101 Things in 1,001 Days

1. Make 101 new recipes (follow the blog!) [0/101]
2. Make blankets to donate to 10 children with cancer [0/10]
3. Do 50 We Are What We Do Actions [0/50]
4. Have a "me" day.
5. Read 10 books I've never read before [0/10]
6. Get caught up with Grey's Anatomy
7. Hold a fundraiser
8. Host a game night
9. Go ice skating, because I've never been
10. Make something for Keith
11. Do a project-365, starting January 1st, 2011 and ending January 1st, 2012 (follow the blog!)
12. Go on Weight Watchers
13. Go camping
14. Donate 10 items to Freecycle
15. Go to a restaurant I've never been to
16. Make a family heirloom book for Aubrey
17. Dedicate a song to somebody on the radio
18. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice to Free Rice
19. Physically meet one of the girls I met through
20. Get a tattoo in honor of Aubrey
21. Learn how to make bows for Aubrey's hair
22. Have a tea party
23. Make Golabkis (stuffed cabbage) using my mother's recipe
24. Take Aubrey to the Children's Museum in Boston
25. Buy something for myself online
26. Shop at a farmer's market
27. Crochet a blanket for a newborn
28. Buy a new purse that I absolutely love
29. Go to a bar I've never been to, and try a drink I've never had
30. Make bread in my bread machine
31. Lose enough weigh to like how I look
32. Get a pedicure
33. Make a diaper cake
34. Support a friend's business by buying something from them
35. Declutter our home.
36. Participate in A Day In My Life
37. Donate blood
38. Teach Aubrey the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" motions
39. Have a $1,000 Lia Sophia show
40. Recruit somebody to be a Lia Sophia advisor
41. Get 1,000 fans on my Lia Sophia Facebook page
42. Visit my mom's parents' graves
43. Bake cookies for a new neighbor
44. Go to a music festival
45. Start "couponing"
46. Learn to knit
47. Knit something for Aubrey once #46 is accomplished
48. Fully understand football
49. Get a new computer
50. Donate hair to Locks of Love
51. Make homemade cards for a major holiday to send out to family
52. Reconnect with a friend I haven't seen in a while
53. Donate 200,000 cups of water on Free Poverty
54. Go on a date with Keith to a theme park
55. Create a family photo album
56. Try 10 new dishes when dining out [0/10]
57. Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston
58. Cut out any soda that isn't diet
59. Find a weekly show to watch with Keith
60. Host a giveaway on my blog
61. Take pictures in a photobooth
62. Go to York Beach in Maine
63. Make cupcakes from scratch, frosting included
64. Go to a drive-in movie
65. Participate in an Angel Tree
66. Hold another blood drive for children with cancer
67. Physically meet someone I met through LJ/Blogspot
68. Go to Bingo with my mother
69. Get rid of clothes I don't wear.
70. Exchange a mix CD with someone
71. Go out for brunch with Keith
72. Send 5 "just because" cards to 5 different people. [0/5]
73. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
74. Open up a bank account for Aubrey
75. Help organize/throw a shower
76. Cook dinner for my in-laws
77. Sew something for Aubrey's doll
78. Buy new lingerie once I lose weight
79. Get new family photos done
80. Make Aubrey blanket/pillowcase when she is transitioned to a toddler bed
81. Go to a movie by myself
82. Get every song Michael Jackson song on my iPod
83. Sell 10 things on Etsy [0/10]
84. Try something new at Starbucks
85. Go to a Lowell Spinners baseball game
86. Watch the sunset on a beach
87. Submit a secret to PostSecret
88. Make a quilt for Aubrey
89. Take Aubrey on a Swan Boat ride in Boston
90. Go on a double-date
91. Build a snowman
92. Use up all my lotions/perfumes before buying myself any more.
93. Stop biting my nails
94. Get a manicure once #93 is accomplished
95. Make a cheesecake from scratch
96. Have a party that I put together featured on a party blog
97. Carve a pumpkin
98. Start a cooking/baking blog
99. Go out dancing
100. Work out a filing system with our important papers
101. Rent a beach house

Wish me luck! I'm excited to share this journey with all of you :)


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