Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye, Hello

Inspired by Little Miss Momma's Hello Summer post.

Goodbye, Spring.

Goodbye, jackets on the train

Goodbye, pool cover.

Goodbye, rain (although, we're still holding onto our rain boots and wearing them every day, just because)

{I am so embarrassed at the lack of Spring pictures I have. I had lost my camera so therefore couldn't take pictures. Oops}

Hello, Summer!

Hello, first ice cream cone!

Hello, reading books with the AC on blast (this is our favorite book - My Little Girl by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill)

Hello, summer love!

Hello, relaxation in the sand

Hello, bumble bee!

Hello, secret hideout at the park!

Hello, pool!

Hello, water baby!

Our Summer To-Do List:
1. Take a family trip to the New England Aquarium
2. Go to a baseball game
3. Make homemade ice cream
4. Compile a list of recipes to make before summer is over
5. Go to the farmer's market
6. Make s'mores
7. Build sandcastles and play on the beach until sunset
8. Go bug catching
9. Go to a fair or festival.
10. Have a picnic with a friend.
11. Host a small family get together
12. Go for a walk on the boulevard after the sun goes down
13. Play with sidewalk chalk
14. Make water balloons
15. Go to a museum

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Today is a day where we take some time to appreciate the Fathers in our lives.

Ever since I was 13, this holiday has been kinda tough for me. The first year, it was unbearable.
I cried. A lot.
"It's not fair" "I wasn't ready to say goodbye" "Why did he have to die?"
I was sad. I was angry. These feelings stayed for a long time.

11 years later, the pain is still there. The wound isn't as fresh, but it still hurts.
I feel like my father is missing out on so much. Every milestone Aubrey reaches, I feel a little sting because he isn't here to witness it. I know he'd be so proud.

He'd spoil her. Love her. Pull her out of school on random days to go play video games. Say yes when we say no. All the things he used to do to me to make me feel extra special.

I feel sorry for Aubrey. Sorry that she never got the chance to meet him.

But at the same time, her daddy reminds me so much of my dad that I feel like, sometimes, he's still here with us.

So even though he drives me crazy
can never be serious
turns everything into a joke
chews too loud
steals the blankets
watches boring movies
doesn't like coffee
and is the pickiest eater I know..

..I realize how blessed Aubrey & I are to have him in our lives and I wouldn't change anything.

Happy Fathers Day, babycakes.
So happy that you're ours :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

She said "Baby, it's 3am.. I must be lonely"

What a weekend.

I won't go into a ton of crazy detail but I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon at the hospital because I had this constant chest pain. I finally got released at around 5:30 after the doctor chalked it up to a bad chest sprain (what!? leave it to me to sprain my chest). I had Keith drop me off/pick me up because I was in too much pain to drive, so when he & Aubrey got to the hospital we went to Target to get a prescription filled but of course the pharmacy was closed already. Sigh.

We decided to have a relaxing night in since I'm out of work til Monday and I never have the weekend off (of course, when we drove by my work on the way to Target it was packed so I probably would have made some pretty decent money. Double sigh). We threw a pizza in the oven and watched Extreme Couponing. I got Keith hooked on this show and now when it's on he tells Aubrey "watch this, Aubrey.. this is what mama is going to do".. if you say so! I would so love to get into doing this but I wouldn't be able to go as um, extreme as these ladies.. but we did save $10 on a $40 purchase when we went to the store yesterday morning and I barely even tried so it's definitely something I want to get into!

But anyway, I realized that I never made a post about our trip to a local theme park. It was Aubrey's first time going and of course, I couldn't find my camera so I actually made Keith go to Walmart before we made the drive and I got a couple disposable cameras (yeah, I went there). Once I get them developed I'll have to scan them in. I did manage to get a couple on my phone..

Keith absolutely despises the headbands that I put on her but I just can't resist!

We road on the Canobie Express, a train that takes you on a ride through the whole park.

Aubrey had a ton of fun going on all of the kiddie rides and we can't wait to take her back this summer!

I'll leave you with a picture of my adorable little cheerleader:

"Goooo Red Sox!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As the years go by, our friendship will never die ♥

This past weekend I attended a baby shower.. but not just any old baby shower.. but one to honor my best friend of 22 years!

Align Center

When we were kids, Laura & I always talked about how cool it would be to grow up and have babies together so they could be best friends just like us. Our kids would grow up to be inseparable and play truth or dare. Maybe Aubrey will dare Callie to run outside in a blizzard with no shoes and a sports bra, or maybe Callie will break the arm off of one of Aubrey's expensive dolls.
Perhaps they'll
stay up all night eating nothing but party mix and popsicles.
get the cops called on them multiple times for loud music.
fall asleep in class
eat Chinese food for free every weekend
walk 2 hours to the nearest Wendys for green ketchup
make Tuna Helper because they heard it was their crush's favorite food
(not that we did any of those things!)

Even though Aubrey will be 2 years old when Laura's little girl is born, I know they're going to be best friends just like us.. before I know it we'll be taking turns hosting sleepovers and going to the park and eventually they'll be old enough to tie up the phone lines for hours at a time talking about the boys they like and planning their next big adventures.. just like their mommas did when they were kids.

I'm so thrilled for Laura and I can't wait to meet Baby Callie!

Blast from the past..