Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's catch up!

Things have been busy lately. I recently started a new job at a popular children's clothing store that Aubrey & I shop at frequently. So far, I love it! It's a busy environment and my first check was spent before I even got it. Every day I go in, there is something new being put out that I want to buy for Aubrey. I already bought her Christmas outfit (minus the shoes), some PJs and some adorable outfits, including a "Santa Rocks!" shirt that she will be wearing Saturday morning when we head on over to our other local mall to meet Santa! He has been at the mall I work at for a little over a week, but there is a kids club that you can sign up for that allows them to meet Santa and parents can take pictures with their own cameras instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money for a couple professional 5x7s. Half the time, my photos come out better anyway. ;)

Halloween was a blast. I had to close the store that night, but since it was Sunday we got out early, at around 6:15. Trick-or-treating started at 6, so I called Keith as soon as I left and he waited to take Aubrey out until I got there which was great. I was pretty upset that I was going to miss her first trick-or-treating experience (although, the stores at our mall did do a trick-or-treating event that she went to, but it wasn't the same!)

We went up and down her Grampy's street, but it was too cold to keep going so we passed out candy for the rest of the night, then went to visit her Uncle Joe (who always goes all out for Halloween!)

Aubrey "trick-or-treating" at her Nana's! No tricks here, just a treat - a box of Aubrey's favorite banana cookies!

At the mall

I managed to snap a few pictures during the short time we were out!

Aubrey & her Grampy! She got another treat here - a touch & feel book "Biscuit's Pet & Play Halloween". Touch & feel books are her favorite! She loves the different textures with the turn of each page.

Some new things Aubrey has learned..
When I ask for a kiss, she (sometimes, if she's in the mood!) smooshes my cheeks into her hands and plants a kiss on my lips. Adorable.
- When I ask her if she's all done her food, she'll either shake her head no or throw her hands up in the air, waiting for me to clean them.
- When I tell her to go grab a book to read, she goes and grabs one
- She has learned to be VERY sneaky! This afternoon, when she woke up from her nap, I had a half can of Coke sitting on the end table from my lunch. She wanted it and kept pointing at it, but I wouldn't let her have it. A few minutes later, she brings me her bottle for a milk refill. I go and fill the bottle up and come back to find her sitting on the floor drinking my soda. Little con artist!

Hope you're all having a nice week!


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