Monday, January 11, 2010

Grateful Monday

this week, "grateful friday" has become "grateful monday".

so, on this monday, i am extremely. thankful. (i can't stress it enough) for having such a healthy little girl.

(don't mind the christmas pjs! we don't have many pjs that fit her right now, as she is going through a growth spurt!)

a friend that i met on when i was pregnant is going through an extremely difficult time with her daughter (who was born in july, just like aubrey) right now. out of respect for her, i won't say exactly what is going on but it makes me sit back and realize how fortunate i am that aubrey has been 100% healthy for her first 6 months of life (minus a small 24-hour stomach bug she had on thursday) and i can only pray that this good health continues until she is old and gray. my fellow WTE mama and her family are in my thoughts & prayers, as well as everybody else she knows, i'm sure. <3

that being said, i am also grateful for family. aubrey met her first little cousin, peyton, on thursday. peyton lives in georgia and is visiting for a couple of weeks with keith's brother and his wife. aubrey is almost 3 months older than peyton, but peyton is almost just as big.

hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Katy Mary said...

oh my gosh Darby they look like they could be sisters!! Sooooo cute :)

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