Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, hello there..

things have been busy lately! we've set the date for aubrey's baptism, december 13, and i've been looking high and low for invitations that aren't crazy expensive. i got her gown at a consignment shop for $20 brand new with the tags still attached to it!
my sister and brother-in-law, jeannie & rob, are going to be aubrey's godparents. when deciding, there was no doubt in my mind that they were the ones i wanted to fulfill the role.

what else is going on? oh nothing much, besides aubrey is now eating rice cereal!! keith and i mixed some cereal with some formula and the results were not pretty. hilarious, yes. pretty, no.

since she didn't like it, i decided to go out and buy a few cans of banana puree to mix in and she absolutely loved it! it also made her sleep extremely well last night. we fed her the cereal right before bedtime and before putting her down, rubbed a little orajel on her poor little gums and she slept for almost 12 hours!

halloween is saturday and i have not finished aubrey's costume! i can't find the fabric dye that i bought and without it, i can't finish. if i can't find it by saturday, i will just go and buy one from walmart. they are ridiculously cute and inexpensive!

what are your little ones dressing up as for halloween?

Friday, October 16, 2009


not much has been going on lately, so i apologize for not writing in this more often.
we did get our first snow of the season, even though it's only mid-october.

aubrey and i went to parlee farm on monday and took some pictures. i, of course, forgot my wallet.
otherwise i would have gotten some apples and a pumpkin, or two.

on wednesday, i took aubrey to the mall to get her pictures done and was not happy with the results. the photographer only took six pictures. out of the six, only one was good. if i didn't have a coupon for 36 photos for $4.99 i wouldn't have even ordered any.

this is the one that i ordered. all of the other ones she either looked awkward, or looked like she had just got done crying.

what are your plans for the weekend? <3

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our trip to Maine

this weekend was lovely. friday morning, i packed up the car and me, aubrey & my mother started our 3 1/2 hour trip to maine to visit keith's mom. aubrey did quite well during the ride and we didn't have to stop at all! the foliage on the way up was absolutely beautiful. i wish i could've gotten a picture, or two. so many different shades of reds, oranges, and yellows..

it's always chilly up in maine, so i made sure to pack some extra snuggly pj's for my sweetie

aubrey and her grandma!

we left early sunday morning and later on that afternoon, we went to visit rachel and mackenzie:

such a big size difference! baby mackenzie is only 5 weeks old, so it is to be expected. aubrey was also 3 days late, whereas mackenzie was 3 weeks early.

i hope you all had a lovely weekend. i really do need to start updating this more! as soon as aubrey gets old enough to do more things, i will be making a blog just for her.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the road again..

i've spent the past hour trying to get aubrey to go to sleep but it's not looking too promising.
tomorrow after she has her a.m. feeding, i am loading up the car and we're taking a trip up to maine to visit keith's mom. it's a four hour drive so i would really like her to go to bed soon.
keith won't be going with us. just me, aubrey & my mom. it's my mom's first time up there so hopefully she'll like it. i made keith's mother & grandmother frames. if my camera wasn't already packed away i would upload the pictures to show you. i really love how they came out!

aubrey has been kind-of fussy for the past week or two. she was crying earlier and i got a good look at her gums and the bottom ones are super bumpy! i am praying that she's not getting in a bunch of teeth at once, the poor little thing. i have a couple of teethers packed and if worst comes to worst, i can grab some baby orajel at walmart when we get up to maine. hopefully i'll come back on sunday with lots of pictures to share.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend <3