Monday, October 11, 2010

Georgia on my mind..

This post has been LONG overdue, but between Aubrey being in the hospital and the time it took her to recover once we got discharged, I have barely had more than 10 minutes to myself.. I wish I had time to do this sooner because the days all seem blurred together now, and I can't remember when we did what but I'm using my Facebook status updates to help me remember haha.

Our flight left Boston at 6am on Monday, September 20th. I managed to cram all of our luggage into ONE suitcase (hooray for space bags!) to avoid the ridiculous baggage fees. We met Christina at Keith's dad's house and left at 4am to be at the airport for 5 to go through security. I'll admit that I was extremely nervous about Aubrey's first time being on a plane but she did wonderfully. The flight attendants made sure to give us some extra snacks (along with the ones we brought from home) and she was happy as a clam. We landed right around 9 and Ed (Keith's brother) picked us up. The drive to their house was a long one (almost 2 hours) but it was filled with good conversation.

We got settled in and went to a restaurant called Fuji for lunch. They serve their food Hibachi style, which up until then I had never experienced. We enjoyed their steak & chicken dish and the chef told jokes while he cooked.

Tuesday morning, Kyle (Ed's wife) & I got the girls up early to go to a My Gym class. We had a lot of fun playing with the girls and Aubrey had a ball exploring everything the gym had to offer. We stopped at Chick-fil-a for some chicken biscuits for everyone (and plain biscuits for Aubrey & Peyton) and went back to the house. We ended up going back out to do some shopping. We went to the Carter's store and I got Aubrey the same dress that Kyle got Peyton to wear for Thanksgiving since they are coming up to visit. I can't wait to see them both wearing them! We stopped by this place that Kyle goes to that does embroidery and I got the dress and Aubrey's diaper bag embroidered with her initials:

Late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Keith's dad, stepmother & aunt flew in, so on Wednesday, we went to Portrait Innovations to get some smash cake pictures done for Peyton's birthday. We even got Aubrey in on a few shots after Peyton did a good amount of smashing. While we were waiting for the photographer to upload the pictures to the computer to choose the ones to be printed, Keith was playing with Aubrey and she fell face first into the floor and split her lip wide open and her top gums were bleeding, too. It was really scary and I think I may have cried just as much as she did. Her shirt was soaked in blood. Thankfully, we were in the same plaza as Carter's, so we went in there and picked up a 5-pack of onesies and then went to Babies R Us so my father-in-law could pick up Peyton's birthday gift.

Thursday was Peyton's actual birthday. We had breakfast and got ready to go to Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park. We rented a zebra van and went through a safari. It was pretty neat! After the drive-thru part, we left the van and explored the park, which allowed us to see animals like bears, monkeys, and hyenas! We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and when we got home and I made Peyton a birthday cake and some of Kyle's family came over for dinner. We had burgers and then had sang Happy Birthday and had cake.

Friday was pretty low-key. We made cupcake-shaped sugar cookies and decorated them as favors for the party. We went to Party City for the last of the decorations.

Saturday was the day of Peyton's party. Around 11ish we went and picked up the birthday cake and went home to decorate. The party started at 3 and it was fun. That day also marked 4 years since Keith & I got together. :)

Sunday was another lazy day. We got Checker's for dinner and spent the rest of the night packing, since we had to leave the house by 10am on Monday morning. We went to bed pretty early and woke up around 8. Aubrey had a waffle for breakfast and we were on our way. We stopped at Starbucks for drinks for the car ride (I got a Toffee Mocha and I didn't care for it at all). When we got to the airport, we did some last-minute souvenir shopping and had a quick bite to eat. Then we boarded our plane back to Boston!

The rest of the pictures are on my Facebook. It would have taken me FOREVER to add them all.

Georgia Cutie vs. Boston Monstah!

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to get the girls together again for Thanksgiving!


Katie said...

where in ga did you go, i live near savannah

Darby said...

Right outside of Columbus!

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