Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We got a "kee-kee"!

For the past few months, Aubrey has shown a great deal of interest in kitties. My father-in-law's house is home to two cats that she absolutely adores.
Here's a picture of her with one of the cats, Taz:

When I was at Target with her last month, I was browsing through the children's department and looking through the Fall clothes they started to put out.. and that's when I saw it:

For $4, I couldn't say no!

But anyway, so Keith & I have been looking here and there for a feline addition to our family. I was going through Craigslist pet ads and found a woman that was looking to find a "forever home" for her 1 year old Calico. She was already fixed and she was adorable. I emailed right away and made plans to meet her/pick her up that night. Before heading over, we stopped at Target for all the cat necessities and we pondered potential names the whole ride there.

I would like to introduce the latest addition to our family, Phoebe!

She is a really calm and loveable cat and Aubrey has fun chasing her around. She runs around the house saying "kee-kee" (kitty).. even Madden likes her!:

Do you have any pets? <3


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