Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally turning around..

Things have been really good lately. I got a job as a PCA (personal care assistant) for a boy with cerebral palsy and I really enjoy it. I've been working a lot the past week trying to learn everything I need to learn (there is so much!) and to get familiar with Brandon. He is such a sweetheart! Always has a smile on his face. :)

Aubrey has been going all over the place. Her walking has really improved. It's not her hanging onto the coffee table, letting go, and taking 2 steps. Now, it's sitting on the floor, pushing herself up to stand without any help, and then walking 7-8 steps at a time. It's really funny to see! I will have to try to sneak a video in, because every time she sees the camera she gets distracted and won't do anything haha

Madden seems to be adjusting better to Aubrey (it's only taken him, what, a year?)

Gotta love crappy cell phone pictures!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we celebrated Keith, Christina & Michelle's 25th birthday last week! I made cake (lots & lots of cake!). I made each of them their own small cake, and then I made a big, 3 layer cake for everyone to have. The trouble with that is..

The heat didn't appreciate the hard work I put into it, and made the whole thing topple over. :( It was still really good, though!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


Katy Mary said...

Good luck with your new job Darby!! Sorry we couldn't make it out to celebrate Keith's birthday. I'm sure we will see you soon!

Darby said...

Thanks Katy! And it's okay, I'm sure you guys had a blast in RI. Hope to see you soon. It has been a long time!

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