Monday, March 1, 2010

Anniversaries, and V-day, and babies, oh my!

can you all believe that it is already march?! february just came and went so fast, i barely even knew it was here. it was a pretty busy month for us, between our one-year wedding anniversary, valentine's day, and last but definitely not least, the birth of my first great-nephew! WARNING: this post is going to be very picture heavy! :D

the last time i posted was, *gasp*, the 12th of february. we have a lot to catch up on, don't we? go on and grab a cup of coffee. i'll wait for you.

are you cozy? did you grab me a cup? extra cream, 1 equal please :)

alright... and here we go!

our anniversary was the 7th. of course, it landed on superbowl sunday so we spent it at my father-in-law's with the family. i can't believe how fast a year flew by. though, with being in the last half of my pregnancy, giving birth, and then raising a newborn, you could see where it all went. we've had some ups & downs, but they say that the first year is the hardest and i think we did a damn good job, especially with being first-time parents on top of being in our first year of marriage.

valentine's day was fun, although aubrey was getting over a tough cold. you could tell she wasn't feeling 100%, but she still gave me that beautiful smile for pictures.

i spotted this precious moments card at hallmark and didn't think twice about grabbing it. i love precious moments and collect the figurines so it was perfect! her eyes are all red from her rubbing at them :(

and here, ladies & gentlemen, is what my daughter's personality is turning out to be:

what can i say? she got it from her momma :)

sigh, still no teeth!

now it's time to introduce to you the newest addition to our family! my niece, carina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on february 23rd at 5:25pm. he weighed 8.5lb and was 21.5" long! this makes me a great-aunt & keith a great-uncle!

mommy & baby

my sister, dawn. the proud nana :)

we are so blessed and thankful to welcome this gorgeous little man into our family! unfortunately, they live in virginia so we haven't met him yet.. but we are very excited to! congratulations, carina & mike!

i'll leave you off with some random pictures!

last sunday, i cooked a big ham dinner and my mother & my in-laws came over. i decided to let aubrey feed herself some mashed potatoes and squash :)

all of that eating must have worn her out, because this was her 10 minutes after her bath:

in an effort to update this blog more, i am going to have each day be a "theme", similar to grateful friday:

wordless monday - just pictures, no words (i will be making a post piggybacking this one with some pictures!)
tuesday loves - a post of things i am especially loving this week.
memory wednesday - a memory, whether it be in picture of writing form.
must-have thursday - a post with things i feel that i *must have*
grateful friday - what i am grateful for this week.
cook-with-me saturday - a recipe that we love
recap sunday - a recap of what we did this week

of course, i will also post here & there about whatever i feel like talking about, along with the theme for the day.


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