Monday, April 5, 2010


i'm not quite sure how i let this go for almost a month. things have been absolutely crazy around here the past few weeks. i've been falling behind on everything, not just this. this morning i uploaded over 100 pictures to my facebook because i had been slacking on it. i uploaded pictures from aubrey's first trip to the park, our trip to the new england aquarium in boston, just random pictures that i take during the day, and of course her first easter, which was yesterday! we had a lot of fun with her. feel free to take a look at my facebook to see pictures. i wish i could post them all on here but i'd be here all day.

my sister had an early easter dinner on saturday because my neice is up from virginia. i don't know if you all remember when i posted about my great-nephew, owen, being born.. but we got to meet him for the first time! he is such a doll:

we recieved our beautiful layla grace dress last week from pick your pocket studio. her facebook page was running a contest a couple of weeks ago and aubrey won 12 free dresses! i can't wait to order them. :) i will share with you the layla dress, which aubrey wore for easter:

this is the best shot i have of it right now. i will post another one when i upload it from my camera.

last night was opening day at fenway park! the red sox played the new york yankees. it seemed that the yankees were going to win, but the sox came back and won! we are big red sox fans in this house.

aubrey is thisclose to crawling. by the time she starts, walking will be right around the corner, i'm sure. today is her 9 month birthday! we've already set a date & location for her 1st birthday party. it's crazy how fast this year is going by. we already bought the dress she is going to wear, plus napkins and thank-you cards. they go so perfectly with our theme we couldn't resist getting them a little early. she is saying 'mama', 'dada', and 'baba'. she understands what a baba is. she understands who 'madden' is (our dog). she is just getting so big so fast. watching her grow and learn every day is absolutely amazing. i'm so blessed to be able to stay home with her and i hope i can continue to do so.

hope you all are doing well.