Friday, January 29, 2010

Grateful Friday

this week has been a huge blur. i don't know why, but it has gone by so fast!

this week i am grateful for:
* the spring-like weather, even if it did only last a couple of days
* madden (our dog) finally warming up to aubrey. he has always been protective of her. if anybody other than myself or keith held her he would be right there staring them down; but if i put aubrey near him he'd get up and move. but not anymore!

* and of course, what i am thankful for every week: being able to spend all day with this beautiful smile:

this weekend is going to be a busy one. tomorrow, i have to go to training to become a girl scout leader. a couple girls that i went to girl scouts with and i are going to start a troop! then after that, aubrey and i are going to a birthday party for the son of a family friend. then on sunday, my best friend (since we were 2!) is coming over. i also need to throw food shopping into the mix, maybe tonight after i go to the hospital for my mri (they are trying to figure out why my back/hips/knees are always in so much pain! i hope they can find out & help me figure out a way to deal with it!)

hope you all have a lovely weekend

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grateful Friday

how did i let 20 days go by since the last time i posted?! ed, kyle & peyton started on their long drive back to georgia yesterday. we all went out for dinner at the olive garden on wednesday night, so that was nice. they will be back up in the summer for aubrey's birthday party.

i got aubrey's 6 month pictures done about two weeks ago and i picked them up yesterday! the quality isn't the best because i had to take pictures of the pictures. our scanner is not hooking up to our computer just right.

i am thankful for being able to see this every day:

this was the picture that we chose to get multiples of..

..but you know i let them sucker me into getting these ones, too. look at this first one with the calendar. it melts my heart! i couldn't say no to it:

hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Monday, January 11, 2010

Grateful Monday

this week, "grateful friday" has become "grateful monday".

so, on this monday, i am extremely. thankful. (i can't stress it enough) for having such a healthy little girl.

(don't mind the christmas pjs! we don't have many pjs that fit her right now, as she is going through a growth spurt!)

a friend that i met on when i was pregnant is going through an extremely difficult time with her daughter (who was born in july, just like aubrey) right now. out of respect for her, i won't say exactly what is going on but it makes me sit back and realize how fortunate i am that aubrey has been 100% healthy for her first 6 months of life (minus a small 24-hour stomach bug she had on thursday) and i can only pray that this good health continues until she is old and gray. my fellow WTE mama and her family are in my thoughts & prayers, as well as everybody else she knows, i'm sure. <3

that being said, i am also grateful for family. aubrey met her first little cousin, peyton, on thursday. peyton lives in georgia and is visiting for a couple of weeks with keith's brother and his wife. aubrey is almost 3 months older than peyton, but peyton is almost just as big.

hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Recap!

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new years eve. i apologize for not posting for a while. every weekend in december was a busy one! the weekend after aubrey's baptism was my niece's baby shower. she is having a boy and is due in march! then, of course, the weekend after that was christmas, and before i knew it, it's almost 3 weeks since my last post!

christmas eve, we went to 3 different houses to celebrate! first we went to keith's father's house. we opened our presents and spent some time there. i got some good-smelling candles from bath & body works (kitchen spice & moonlight pomegranate) and a giftcard to michael's (which i already used, obviously! i love my crafts!). aubrey got quite a few toys and outfits. after that, we went to my sister's house for presents and dinner. i finally got some cushions for my rocking chair! it is much more comfy to sit in now. after we left there, we went to keith's stepmother's brother's house. we played rock band (i even sang! nothing too hard, just the ramones & another song that i can't remember right now). we got home around 11 and aubrey slept through til 6am when i woke her up to open presents.

santa was very good to us this year! after presents, we packed up the car, picked up keith's sister christina, and started on our 4 hour journey up to maine. we stopped at a gas station to fill up before hitting the highway and they were giving away free iced coffee (i know, i know, iced coffee at a gas station? but it is REALLY GOOD coffee. better than dunkin's, in my opinion!) so i pretended like i had a car full of people that wanted coffee when i went in and got more than just one :)

when we walked into keith's mother's house she was sitting at her dining room table. when she saw us, she got up and ran over to us and gave us hugs and started crying. i'm so glad that we could surprise her like that. she grabbed aubrey right away and brought her over to open presents. she got her that recordable 'twas the night before christmas' book that hallmark put out this year, which is great because now aubrey will be able to recognize her grandma's voice even though we don't see her often. we stayed until about 10am on sunday and then came back home.

a few (of many!) christmas pictures:

aubrey and the build-a-bear santa brought for her. matching outfits!

we had a nice new years eve, too. i gave aubrey a bath in the new inflatable rubber duckie tub i got her! she's getting too big for her new tub (did i mention, she is now 17.5 lb and 26.5" long!?

aubrey must've known it was a special occasion, because she just did not want to sleep! finally around 10pm we decided to go over to keith's dad's to bring in the new year.

this week is going to be a pretty busy one, as well. aubrey's little cousin peyton is coming up to visit from georgia! we haven't met her yet and we are so excited to see her and keith's brother and wife. i will definitely be posting pictures! we are also in the process of rearranging and cleaning our apartment top to bottom, so expect pictures from that soon too!

i wish you all a year that is full of laughter, fun and of course, love! after getting married and being blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl, i know 2009 will be a tough year to follow, but i am excited to see what 2010 holds for me & my family!