Friday, October 1, 2010

October already!?

I can't believe how fast this year is going by. It seems that, ever since I had Aubrey, our lives have been a blur. The past few days have been less than pleasant. Aubrey has had a very high temperature and we even took her to the hospital last night because she was up to 103º. They had to put a catheter in her for a urine sample and had Keith & I hold her legs down and let me tell you, that was, without a doubt, the single most hardest thing I have done thus far as a mother. To have to restrain my inconsolable toddler down and know she is in pain was just heartbreaking. It turns out that her urine was fine (of course!) and she has a minor ear infection. But I don't know, I feel like there is something else wrong, too. The last time she had an ear infection she didn't react NEARLY this bad.

It started yesterday afternoon. I took her to the mall around 3:30 because we were going to have her Halloween pictures done in her costume (she's going to be a bee!). We weren't scheduled til 5 so I let her lead the way around the mall and she had a blast riding in the rides and playing in the kids area. We had a late lunch/early dinner and then headed into the portrait studio and I got her dressed. Her costume consists of a long sleeve onesie, tights, and the actual costume (which is like a big pullover vest, hat & wings) and she started to feel really warm, and I figured it was because of the costume. She went from really upbeat to VERY upset in a matter of a few minutes. I took the vest off and tried giving her some juice and she wanted no part of it. I stripped her down and put her back in her short-sleeve onesie and had to carry her back to the car along with the diaper bag, a new pair of shoes I bought for her to go with her costume, AND her costume and let me tell you, I thought my arms were going to fall off! I grabbed some Tylenol at Target because ours is MIA and gave it to her when we got out to the car.

We got back home & she was passed out in the car so I put her in her crib, took her temp (102º) and she slept for an hour. Woke up and her temp was 103º. I called the doctor and gave her the symptoms and she was really concerned with the fact that Aubrey was just laying there being really lethargic. She suggested bringing her to the hospital, so we packed the diaper bag and off we went. We were seen very quickly which was nice because we're usually waiting at least an hour. As I said above, they administered a catheter. There was talk of bloodwork but it got nixed (but now I'm almost wishing they did some so we could rule it out). They gave her some Motrin and finally at a little past midnight we left. We went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for an antibiotic and got home and put her to bed. She slept til about 7 in her crib and then til about 10:30 in bed with us. Her temp got up to almost 104º earlier but we gave her some Motrin and it's back down to 101º but she has been refusing liquids so I won't be happy until she gets some in her. I'm praying we don't have to bring her back to the hospital because I have a feeling she will be admitted.

I have so much to tell you all about our vacation last week to Georgia but it'll have to wait til another day. Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers!


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