Friday, October 15, 2010

I feel like I'm falling for Fall ♥

The weather has gotten much cooler over the past week and we are thrilled!

Aubrey is a lot like her Daddy. She is always hot, and when she's hot, she's not a happy camper. That's why we didn't spend a huge amount of time outdside this summer, unless we were going swimming. But now.. the temperature is dipping into the 50s-60s, the leaves are turning gorgeous colors and falling to the ground, and we find ourselves playing and exploring outdoors almost daily.

This is the gorgeous view outside our living room window:

Sometimes, Keith's job requires him to work the weekends. When that happens, he gets a day off during the week. This past week, he worked Saturday and had Tuesday off. The weather was nice, so we decided to take Aubrey to the park..

Over the past few days, Aubrey has found a new obsession with sitting in a basket that was holding small toys in her room. Yesterday morning, as soon as she woke up, she walked out of the bedroom and went and sat in her basket. It was too funny!

This morning, we woke up and had breakfast. With the cooler weather comes more baking, and this morning I did just that. Aubrey gobbled her blueberry muffin right up!

I turned on the news to see the weather and the weatherman said that we would get rain later on this afternoon. We played for a little bit and then got ready to go outside. As soon as we got to the door we realized our plans were ruined. The rain started early.

We came back inside, got back into some comfy clothes, and watched Wonder Pets: Adventures in Wonderland. I saw a preview for it yesterday and learned that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith provides the voice of the Mad Hatter so missing it was NOT an option. I've had a crush on Steven Tyler since I was a little girl (I don't want to hear it!).

Hope you are all staying dry on this rainy day!


Katie said...

Aubrey!!!! She's so stinkin' cute!

Darby said...

Why thank you! I think so too ;)

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