Monday, September 28, 2009

This post has been brought to you by the number '4'..

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four jobs i’ve had
stock clerk/assembler at a wire & cable company
customer service rep at bed, bath & beyond
assistant manager @ claire's accessories
..and of course, a mama :)

four movies i could watch over and over
the departed
fever pitch
10 things i hate about you
sex and the city

four places i’ve lived
(yep,just two.)

four places i’ve vacationed
daytona beach, florida
hartland, maine (my favorite place to go to get away! so quiet and peaceful, and we get to see keith's mom
columbus, georgia (not really a vacation, more like visiting his brother who got into a bad accident)
upstate new york

four of my favorite dishes
steak, corn on the cob & baked potato
chicken gratella
brocolli & cheese
macaroni & cheese (the best comfort food!)

four sites i visit daily

four tv shows i love
drop dead diva (i really hope they continue on with this.)
sex and the city
jon & kate plus 8 (yes, still)

four albums i can’t live without
greatest hits, michael jackson (it's always playing in my car and keith hates it!)
jack johnson & colbie caillat mix i made
#1's, elvis presley
playtime fun, baby einsteins (i played it for aubrey and she loves it!)

four places i’d rather be right now
in bed, but i have a little one who, surprisingly, is hogging the whole thing in it's queen sized glory.
apple & pumpkin picking. pretty soon my favorite apples, honeycrisp, will be in full force. i think i will use these to make applesauce for aubrey.
in front of a fireplace with a good book & a sleeping baby by my side
up in maine. we may be going this weekend, which would be quite nice.

this weekend has been nice. friday was our anniversary (from when we started dating, not from when we got married). we went out for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant with our friends mike & jon. saturday was a pretty uneventful day, but you need that every once in a while. keith did give aubrey a bath, and it was his first time (why yes, she is almost 3 months old and daddy still hadn't given her a bath yet):

yesterday, my best friend and her boyfriend came over. keith and kenny watched the football game while laura and i went to the mall. we met up with her brother, whom i haven't seen in years, and we went out for a late lunch. then we came back to my apartment and hung out for a bit:

i can't believe i didn't mention this last week, but keith and i have a new niece! charlotte peyton was born on september 23rd at 10:29 pm. she looks just like keith's brother! she's a doll. we can't wait for aubrey and her first little cousin to meet!:

i think i am going to start making aubrey's baby food pretty soon. it holds for quite some time, so why not get a head start? once she becomes mobile, i won't have time to do ANYTHING. does anybody have any good recipes for baby food, or links to websites? i would appreciate it.

how was everybody's weekend?


Maheva said...

Hey dont worry Luis has yet to take Christopher a bath also. lol. Congrats on your new niece, she's a cutie!
I thought I was the only person to watch drop dead diva, lol everybody I know has never even heard of it! I hope it continues too, I like it :)
and Yay!! you like Elvis also! I love him!!

ps: if you find any good recipes for baby food, let me know, so I can save them. I want to make most of Christophers not just buy the gerber ones :o)

Darby said...
^ That website is pretty good. Has some good sounding recipes and also foods that you shouldn't introduce to them (like absolutely NO honey before they turn 1)

I am in love with that show! I usually skip it on Sunday nights and just watch it onDemand on either Monday or Tuesday, whenever it decides to get on there. I watched last week's episode earlier cos I was just too busy to last week.. and when Aubrey takes her next nap I'm gonna watch the one from last night. It BETTER not be cancelled after this season! I hope her & Grayson end up together :)

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