Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wake me up when September ends..

i hope you all had a very nice labor day weekend. the weather was perfect for it!

keith and i took aubrey over to visit aunt kathy on sunday. she met her cousins, ashley & alyssa and her uncle ronnie (to avoid confusion.. there are 3 ronnies on keith's side of the family. one did pass away a couple of weeks ago.)

last night i decided to put aubrey in one of her many red sox outfits and do a two month "photoshoot". i laid our red sox blanket down on the bed over her boppy pillow (which, might i add, is the best invention.. EVER.) and propped her up on it and i went to town. why waste money taking her to get professional pictures done when i can do just as well for free?

i've gotten quite a big dent of my 'to-do' list done in aubrey's bedroom. she's outgrown all of her newborn clothing so i put them all in a box and added her 3-6 month clothing into her bureau along with the 0-3 month clothing that was already in there. all that's left to do, really, is to finish cleaning up the last of our stuff that is in there and decorate, which of course is my favorite part.

what did everybody do for labor day?


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