Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So much love in the air...

this weekend was nice. saturday night was matt & holly's wedding:

congrats to you both! here's to a lifetime of love and happiness. we love you :)

sunday was the start of football season so you can imagine what we spent the day doing. yesterday was also the day that i decided that i am going back on weight watchers. keith said he was going to try doing it with me, so we'll see how that goes. i've b een having a hard time finding good sounding recipes, so once i get started i am thinking of starting another blog that will feature recipes, good low-point snacks, and my progress.

aubrey has been a bottomless pit today! she won't stop eating. i finally got her to sleep after fighting with her for a couple of hours.

friday night is my niece's wedding! carina & mike have been together for over ten years! she also announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago. i am so ecstatic for them, and i can't believe i am going to be a GREAT aunt at only 23. then on sunday i am finally having lunch with laura, my best friend of 20 years, and ryan, her ex-stepbrother. we all grew up together and after laura's dad and ryan's mom got divorced, we haven't seen him. i ran into him a couple of weeks ago when keith and i were taking aubrey for a walk on the boulevard and we've been trying to get together but things kept coming up.

i am off to look up some more weight watchers recipes!


Adriana said...

Wow... a Great aunt!!?? that sounds weird..ha ha!...How old is your niece??
I love weddings.. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun!
Good luck with Weight Watchers! ;)

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