Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well, that was fast..

our adorable little fish, chandler, died earlier. we just got him last weekend at my niece's wedding.
rest in piece, little guy!

in other news, our apartment complex had a multi-family yard sale today. i got rid of quite a bit of things we don't use anymore and got some really neat stuff:
a coach wallet for $2. it's a fake, but it's the most authentic looking fake i've ever seen.
two baby einstein cds for aubrey. a lullaby one & a playtime one, $1 a piece! they go for like $15 in the stores.
a little fisher-price keyboard, only $0.50
two frames that my mother was going to put out, but she gave to me instead ;)
a giraffe toy, where you put the ball in it's mouth and it goes rolling down a spiral slide and ends up coming out of one of the giraffe's four feet. $1, too cute!
lilo & stitch, the movie. it's one of my favorites and it was only $1. i have no idea what happened to my copy of it. it must've gotten lost in the shuffle while keith and i moved in.

tomorrow, my best friend and her boyfriend are coming over. laura and i are just going to hang out while kenny & keith have some male bonding time over the patriot's game. should be good times. laura and i have been best friends since we were two year olds. my sister and her father were best friends so we saw each other all the time and became inseperable.

who is your oldest friend, and how did you meet?


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