Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the road again..

i've spent the past hour trying to get aubrey to go to sleep but it's not looking too promising.
tomorrow after she has her a.m. feeding, i am loading up the car and we're taking a trip up to maine to visit keith's mom. it's a four hour drive so i would really like her to go to bed soon.
keith won't be going with us. just me, aubrey & my mom. it's my mom's first time up there so hopefully she'll like it. i made keith's mother & grandmother frames. if my camera wasn't already packed away i would upload the pictures to show you. i really love how they came out!

aubrey has been kind-of fussy for the past week or two. she was crying earlier and i got a good look at her gums and the bottom ones are super bumpy! i am praying that she's not getting in a bunch of teeth at once, the poor little thing. i have a couple of teethers packed and if worst comes to worst, i can grab some baby orajel at walmart when we get up to maine. hopefully i'll come back on sunday with lots of pictures to share.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend <3


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