Friday, February 12, 2010

Grateful Friday

today, i am grateful that my sweetpea has kicked whatever it was that was making her feel miserable. it only lasted a day or two, but it was a day or two longer than i would have liked.

when i finally got her comfortable enough to take a nap, she slept for two hours! that's about 4 times the amount she usually naps, especially when she isn't in her swing.

but, she seems to be feeling much better today. she's back to her old giggly self again.

i also wanted to ask you all to say a prayer, or if you aren't religious then please just keep this family in your thoughts. layla is a beautiful 2 year old girl from the houston, texas area who is slowly losing her battle with cancer. i have never sat here and cried over someone i didn't know.. but this story has me absolutely heartbroken. if you have a child, please hug her/him extra tight tonight, and be thankful that you have them.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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