Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recap Sunday

this week was pretty busy! i was sick monday and tuesday, so late tuesday morning i went to the doctor's. they did a throat culture to make sure it wasn't strep. it wasn't; just a viral bug.

tuesday night, i went to a lia sophia opportunity night. i have decided to join this fabulous company and can't wait until my starter show & to get my kit to start doing shows of my own!

wednesday night, we just relaxed and had a movie night.

thursday night, my sister came over and watched aubrey while we went out for dinner at american joe's.

friday, i went to christina's house for her lia sophia party. after, we went out for drinks & dancing, which was fun. we're pretty bummed that we didn't get a chance to do karaoke, but next time for sure!

saturday [yesterday!] was fun! jeannie came over again so we could go to the movies. we were going to go thursday night, but by the time she came over it was too late for us to go see one so she said she would come over so we could go this weekend. we saw alice in wonderland in imax 3d and it was pretty good!

today, it is absolutely beautiful outside. i'm trying to get keith to come to the park with me & aubrey, but he is saying it's going to be too crowded. we are also going to go to walmart and get a new trash can and some dirty clothes hampers. we've had our trash can since we moved in here in 2007 and it's starting to smell, and the hampers we have are the mesh ones and they are all ripped and tattered. i am also going to look for magenta-colored shirts for the blood drive my friend, chrystyana, and i are doing in honor of layla grace. this guy that works downstairs from the place i used to work designs t-shirts, so after i buy them i will give them to him and he's going to put "team layla" on the front, and then on the back we're getting our names with the number '2', baseball style (because layla is 2 years old). i'm also having one made up for aubrey so that will be cute! i can't wait to get her "layla" dress in. it is absolutely adorable, and $10 from the sale is going towards layla's family for her medical bills, so it's for a good cause.

hope you all had a great weekend!


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