Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye, Hello

Inspired by Little Miss Momma's Hello Summer post.

Goodbye, Spring.

Goodbye, jackets on the train

Goodbye, pool cover.

Goodbye, rain (although, we're still holding onto our rain boots and wearing them every day, just because)

{I am so embarrassed at the lack of Spring pictures I have. I had lost my camera so therefore couldn't take pictures. Oops}

Hello, Summer!

Hello, first ice cream cone!

Hello, reading books with the AC on blast (this is our favorite book - My Little Girl by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill)

Hello, summer love!

Hello, relaxation in the sand

Hello, bumble bee!

Hello, secret hideout at the park!

Hello, pool!

Hello, water baby!

Our Summer To-Do List:
1. Take a family trip to the New England Aquarium
2. Go to a baseball game
3. Make homemade ice cream
4. Compile a list of recipes to make before summer is over
5. Go to the farmer's market
6. Make s'mores
7. Build sandcastles and play on the beach until sunset
8. Go bug catching
9. Go to a fair or festival.
10. Have a picnic with a friend.
11. Host a small family get together
12. Go for a walk on the boulevard after the sun goes down
13. Play with sidewalk chalk
14. Make water balloons
15. Go to a museum


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