Wednesday, June 8, 2011

As the years go by, our friendship will never die ♥

This past weekend I attended a baby shower.. but not just any old baby shower.. but one to honor my best friend of 22 years!

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When we were kids, Laura & I always talked about how cool it would be to grow up and have babies together so they could be best friends just like us. Our kids would grow up to be inseparable and play truth or dare. Maybe Aubrey will dare Callie to run outside in a blizzard with no shoes and a sports bra, or maybe Callie will break the arm off of one of Aubrey's expensive dolls.
Perhaps they'll
stay up all night eating nothing but party mix and popsicles.
get the cops called on them multiple times for loud music.
fall asleep in class
eat Chinese food for free every weekend
walk 2 hours to the nearest Wendys for green ketchup
make Tuna Helper because they heard it was their crush's favorite food
(not that we did any of those things!)

Even though Aubrey will be 2 years old when Laura's little girl is born, I know they're going to be best friends just like us.. before I know it we'll be taking turns hosting sleepovers and going to the park and eventually they'll be old enough to tie up the phone lines for hours at a time talking about the boys they like and planning their next big adventures.. just like their mommas did when they were kids.

I'm so thrilled for Laura and I can't wait to meet Baby Callie!

Blast from the past..


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