Friday, January 29, 2010

Grateful Friday

this week has been a huge blur. i don't know why, but it has gone by so fast!

this week i am grateful for:
* the spring-like weather, even if it did only last a couple of days
* madden (our dog) finally warming up to aubrey. he has always been protective of her. if anybody other than myself or keith held her he would be right there staring them down; but if i put aubrey near him he'd get up and move. but not anymore!

* and of course, what i am thankful for every week: being able to spend all day with this beautiful smile:

this weekend is going to be a busy one. tomorrow, i have to go to training to become a girl scout leader. a couple girls that i went to girl scouts with and i are going to start a troop! then after that, aubrey and i are going to a birthday party for the son of a family friend. then on sunday, my best friend (since we were 2!) is coming over. i also need to throw food shopping into the mix, maybe tonight after i go to the hospital for my mri (they are trying to figure out why my back/hips/knees are always in so much pain! i hope they can find out & help me figure out a way to deal with it!)

hope you all have a lovely weekend


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