Friday, January 22, 2010

Grateful Friday

how did i let 20 days go by since the last time i posted?! ed, kyle & peyton started on their long drive back to georgia yesterday. we all went out for dinner at the olive garden on wednesday night, so that was nice. they will be back up in the summer for aubrey's birthday party.

i got aubrey's 6 month pictures done about two weeks ago and i picked them up yesterday! the quality isn't the best because i had to take pictures of the pictures. our scanner is not hooking up to our computer just right.

i am thankful for being able to see this every day:

this was the picture that we chose to get multiples of..

..but you know i let them sucker me into getting these ones, too. look at this first one with the calendar. it melts my heart! i couldn't say no to it:

hope you all have a wonderful weekend


Anonymous said...

she is so gorgeous!!

The Midkiff's said...

Awwww! I'm stuck at work and those pictures (literally) made my eyes water! She's getting so big, how did this happen?!

Katy Mary said...

awww those are the cutest pictures!

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