Monday, November 30, 2009

New layout!

i went to the fabric store on friday when keith got home from work and got some fabric to make a quilt for aubrey. i just got done cutting out the squares from the first pattern. i find that nothing feels better than cuddling under a blanket on a cold rainy day, kind of like today is. aubrey is also getting to be old enough where she will sit still and look at a book that i am reading to her, so we can do it more often now. i got her quite a few books for christmas already.

speaking of christmas, now that it is december (well, in 12 hours anyway...) i put up a christmasy layout! i think it's adorable.

last night, we gave aubrey carrots for the first time and she couldn't get enough of them! she kept grabbing keith's hands and wouldn't let the spoon leave her mouth.

after she ate, we had a movie night and snuggled:

i also wanted to share this video of aubrey from yesterday. i don't quite know what was so funny, but this video makes me smile every time i watch it :)

to get in the christmas spirit, what are you all asking "santa" for?
i would love:
a sewing machine
coffee for my keurig
and another wonderful year with my family

Friday, November 27, 2009

Grateful Friday

this grateful friday is being written by an especially grateful mama. yesterday was aubrey's first thanksgiving! this year, my sister jeannie hosted thanksgiving at her house. the food was delicious, as always. after dinner at my sister's, we went to keith's dad's and spent some time there.

i absolutely love this dress.

trying so hard to sit up!

aubrey and her daddy

me and my little princess!

aubrey's little "feast". potatoes, squash, baby turkey in broth, and green beans! she also had a little taste of cranberry sauce:

also, aubrey has learned the true meaning of thanksgiving: passing out after eating!

another thing i am absolutely, without a doubt thankful for is discovering that frozen waffles make amazing teethers for a baby who rebels against teething rings:

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful Friday

i am extremely aware i've missed the past couple friday's and to be honest, if it weren't for miri @ herewearetogether making her grateful friday post, i most likely would have forgotten today too. the days just seem to blend together lately, mainly because my baby is taking shorter and shorter naps. yesterday, she only slept for about a half hour total all day! but she has been sleeping for almost three hours now to make up for the lack of sleep yesterday, but i won't say anything else as i don't want to jinx it :)

this week, i am thankful for:

hot chocolate with marshmallows (and no, the rum in the background sadly did not make it's way into our mugs)

old christmas movies. santa claus is comin' to town is my absolute favorite (much better than the new stuff they are coming out with these days)

my beautiful little family in front of our beautiful tree

my sweet baby, who really is the best gift ever.

i know it is a tad bit early to put up our tree, but from now until the end of the month, is offering 50 free photo cards with free shipping! just enter code freebies4mom-1109 when checking out :)

what is everyone doing for thanksgiving? keith and i will be going to my sister's house. she is hosting thanksgiving for my family this year. after that we are going to my father-in-law's. i can't wait to put aubrey in her cute little dress!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four months, already?!

i can't believe my sweet little baby is already four months old. she's so close to sitting up on her own. all she does now is hold on to my finger. she is also becoming more & more aware of her surroundings. she loves looking in the mirror. she laughs every time she sees our dog, madden.

we are putting up our christmas tree early this year. after my experience with getting aubrey's pictures done at a "portrait studio", i've realized that i can do way better myself, and with a lot less frustration. so, instead of going out and paying too much money to get pictures done (sorry, mall santa, $22 for 2 5x7's is a bit much..) i will do them myself in front of our tree.

we tried our first bite of peas last week and she loves them. next on the agenda is green beans. we'll see how she feels about them. sweet potatoes are her favorite, i'd say. we can't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough!

what is your little ones' favorite foods?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There she goes...

i'm happy (and a bit nervous, i must say) to announce that aubrey is now rolling!

this weekend was a busy one. halloween was saturday and i decided to wait until the last possible minute to finish making aubrey's costume (from scratch!). i hate to toot my own but i do think i deserve it this time. toot toot!

she (obviously) was elmo from sesame street! the dye in her shirt & hat didn't come out as dark as i would have liked, but i enjoyed making it very much.

aubrey & her daddy

aubrey & her (messy-haired!) mama

aubrey & her papa (and her friend, mr. spider!)

we went to the doctor's yesterday and aubrey now weighs 14lb7.5oz & is 25" long! our little girl is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable.

what were your little ones for halloween?