Monday, November 30, 2009

New layout!

i went to the fabric store on friday when keith got home from work and got some fabric to make a quilt for aubrey. i just got done cutting out the squares from the first pattern. i find that nothing feels better than cuddling under a blanket on a cold rainy day, kind of like today is. aubrey is also getting to be old enough where she will sit still and look at a book that i am reading to her, so we can do it more often now. i got her quite a few books for christmas already.

speaking of christmas, now that it is december (well, in 12 hours anyway...) i put up a christmasy layout! i think it's adorable.

last night, we gave aubrey carrots for the first time and she couldn't get enough of them! she kept grabbing keith's hands and wouldn't let the spoon leave her mouth.

after she ate, we had a movie night and snuggled:

i also wanted to share this video of aubrey from yesterday. i don't quite know what was so funny, but this video makes me smile every time i watch it :)

to get in the christmas spirit, what are you all asking "santa" for?
i would love:
a sewing machine
coffee for my keurig
and another wonderful year with my family


Katy Mary said...

Love the new layout Darby!! I asked "Santa" (a/k/a Ryan) for Coach :)

Iva said...

omg! she is completely adorable!! ..and her name is perfect! what a lovely darling girl! ;)

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