Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four months, already?!

i can't believe my sweet little baby is already four months old. she's so close to sitting up on her own. all she does now is hold on to my finger. she is also becoming more & more aware of her surroundings. she loves looking in the mirror. she laughs every time she sees our dog, madden.

we are putting up our christmas tree early this year. after my experience with getting aubrey's pictures done at a "portrait studio", i've realized that i can do way better myself, and with a lot less frustration. so, instead of going out and paying too much money to get pictures done (sorry, mall santa, $22 for 2 5x7's is a bit much..) i will do them myself in front of our tree.

we tried our first bite of peas last week and she loves them. next on the agenda is green beans. we'll see how she feels about them. sweet potatoes are her favorite, i'd say. we can't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough!

what is your little ones' favorite foods?


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