Thursday, April 28, 2011


Growing up, Easter was always kind of like a second Christmas for me. The Easter bunny loaded up my basket with CDs, movies, toys... and when I was 13 I got the best surprise ever at the bottom of my basket: tickets to see the Backstreet Boys in Boston.

While Aubrey definitely did not get tickets to see the Backstreet Boys (which, at this point in time would really be "NKOTBSB"), the Easter bunny was pretty good to her!

Easter pedicure!

Striking a pose in her dress

She has been taking her baby with her EVERYWHERE lately. Her big gift for her birthday this year will be a huge hit (but that's for another day)

Opening her eggs!

We ran out of wine glasses, so Keith embraced his inner white trash and drank his wine out of a Solo cup ♥

We had a wonderful Easter dinner with my side of the family.. complete with a delicious ham with my mom's famous ham sauce (Easter isn't complete without it!), brocolli & cheese, veggies, mashed potatoes, and of course.. the biscuits.

Getting her sillies out with her Auntie:

We ended the day at my father-in-law's

We had a second dinner while we were there and by the time dessert came around we were all stuffed! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter (or if you don't celebrate, I hope it was just a wonderful weekend in general!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Baby

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the beach. I could find any reason to go there at any time of year..

Summer? The obvious reasons - to walk the strip, eat funnel cake, lay in the sand and tan, and when I was feeling really adventurous and have my sister-in-law (who also doubles as one of my bffs) in tow, we take boogey boards and brave the freezing cold Atlantic ocean.

Fall/Winter? Even though pretty much nothing is open, I have been known to take a road trip with a friend or two just to get the pizza that Hampton Beach is famous for - Cristy's Pizza. And of course, to do the occasional cartwheel in the sand..

Spring? Well.. after a long winter, sometimes New England weather gets kinda crazy and we get a random day in April where the temperature gets up to 80 and Christina & I just can't wait any longer for a day at the beach.. Well, Monday was one of those days..

I wasn't too sure what to expect this time around, since she wanted nothing to do with the water last year. Even if I was holding her she would cry whenever the tide came over my toes. But now, I barely have enough time to apply a gallon of sunscreen on her before she goes off and running toward the water. I definitely have my work cut out for me this year!

I mean really, who goes to the beach to relax, anyway? Everyone knows that's what the ride home is for: