Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Baby

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the beach. I could find any reason to go there at any time of year..

Summer? The obvious reasons - to walk the strip, eat funnel cake, lay in the sand and tan, and when I was feeling really adventurous and have my sister-in-law (who also doubles as one of my bffs) in tow, we take boogey boards and brave the freezing cold Atlantic ocean.

Fall/Winter? Even though pretty much nothing is open, I have been known to take a road trip with a friend or two just to get the pizza that Hampton Beach is famous for - Cristy's Pizza. And of course, to do the occasional cartwheel in the sand..

Spring? Well.. after a long winter, sometimes New England weather gets kinda crazy and we get a random day in April where the temperature gets up to 80 and Christina & I just can't wait any longer for a day at the beach.. Well, Monday was one of those days..

I wasn't too sure what to expect this time around, since she wanted nothing to do with the water last year. Even if I was holding her she would cry whenever the tide came over my toes. But now, I barely have enough time to apply a gallon of sunscreen on her before she goes off and running toward the water. I definitely have my work cut out for me this year!

I mean really, who goes to the beach to relax, anyway? Everyone knows that's what the ride home is for:


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