Saturday, January 22, 2011


Winter & I always used to have a hate/hate relationship. I was never a huge fan of going to play in the snow as a kid. Sure, I did it once in a while. But I never had that URGE.. the kind of urge that I get when I wake up on a sticky summer morning and think, "I need to go stick my toes in the ocean today". If I could spend every day of my life on the beach, I would be happy as a clam. But alas, I live in New England and that just doesn't happen.

Now, I know that I had Aubrey relatively young - I was 21 when I peed on a stick and two pink lines appeared. But I did have a couple friends who had babies before me and I never ever understood why they would be excited for a cold, snowy (or rainy!) day. Then, Aubrey's first Fall came around and it suddenly clicked one day when it was cold and rainy. It was the first time in months that I had to shut all the windows and grab a blanket. I took my little 3 month old bundle of joy and snuggled up on the couch and watched movies all day. That's when I fully understood. Cold weather = awesome baby snuggles.

Now here we are again, a year later. I now have an 18 month old who happens to love playing in the snow. I bundle her up and we play outside til her heart is content. We come inside, I heat up a nice, warm bottle of milk for her and we have snuggle & nap time (which is always extra-long after spending time outside!). She is no longer the 3 month old that was SO easy to entertain. I have to keep her busy at all times, otherwise I'm subjected to her favorite DVD - Dora's Pirate Adventure. There's only so much you can do inside with a 1.5 year old, so I decided to break out the finger paints..

Why hadn't I done this before? Santa brought her them for Christmas and I guess I've been kind of afraid to use them. Afraid that her beautiful blonde hair would be a mess of blues and reds. But something I had said to Keith just 24 hours prior crept into my head. "She's a toddler. She needs to make messes and explore her surroundings. Let her be little.", when he nearly had an aneurysm because she was pulling all the tupperware out of the cabinet. They're only little for a short time. Before I know it, she'll be too cool to hang out with her mommy. So until then, I'll be happy to give her multiple baths a day when she gets finger paint (or whatever she's eating, for that matter) in her hair.


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