Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old MacDonald had a farm...

And we went to go visit! Yesterday, my mother & I took Aubrey to Parlee Farms, which is right up the street from our home. I wanted to get some strawberry preserves to make Breakfast Cupcakes and I thought it would be fun to show Aubrey the baby goats.

Getting ready to go, all dressed in her farmer attire. Funny story: I had a different shirt picked out.. a plaid one to go with the "farmer theme" (yeah, I'm a nerd). I put it on the coffee table because Aubrey was occupied playing with one of her toys and I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.. and she comes in with the shirt and throws it in the toilet! I guess she didn't approve of it. :( But that's okay. I still love her.

^ Me loving Aubrey.

She had fun with the goats.

So I got some strawberry preserves, and they were sampling a bunch of the jellies, so I tried the a hot jalapeno jelly and it was delicious, so I got a jar of that, too. It's so good on my Wheat Thins!

I worked for a few hours earlier & then came home to bake a cake for a going away party that we're attending tonight. Our friend Jon is going over to Afghanistan, and it was also his birthday earlier in the week so we all wanted to get together for one last hoo-rah before he leaves. I'm just waiting for it to cool so I can frost and decorate it. Aubrey is staying with Christina for the night. Hopefully it goes smoothly since she has never stayed there before!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!


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