Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 steps

All mommas have been there. You get your kiddo a cute outfit, or want to remember a special day by taking a picture. You have an image in your head of how everything will turn out.. so you fight with your wee one to get the shirt over their head.. then trying to get the first leg into a pair of pants while the other is kicking. Then it's time for hair, especially for mommas with little girls. You get it just perfect in a little bow and sit them down. Then it starts... the 10 steps to taking a successful picture. In this case, I'd like to bring you... Valentine's Day.

Step 1: "Oh crap, wasn't expecting that!"

Step 2: "Maybe if I don't look, she'll stop"

Step 3: "Seriously mom, stop"

Step 4: "Ha-ha-ha HA ha! You can't get my picture!"

Step 5: "Will you just GIVE UP ALREADY?"

Step 6: "I don't care how cute you say I look. I won't do it!"

Step 7: "Oh look, a bow!"

Step 8: "Hahaha! You'll never get it back!"

Step 9: "Okay, okay.. I guess I'll put it back in"

Step 10: "Alright, mom, ONE picture if it means this is over!"


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