Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aubrey's Baptism

as you all know, we had aubrey baptized on sunday! the day started off with a bath

her hair is getting so long!

she did very well at the ceremony (meaning, she slept half of the time):

she liked when the holy water was poured over her head:

and even when she was awake, she was too focused on the ceiling fans at the church to be loud and talkative:

after the ceremony, we went back to aubrey's godparent's (who happen to be my sister and her husband!) home to celebrate.

i didn't see much of aubrey once the party started. there were so many people there who wanted to see and hold her!

aubrey got so many nice gifts from our family and friends. she got quite a few books (yay!), clothes, a few toys, picture frames, and keepsakes, not to mention some lovely cards.

after everybody left, we got her out of her dress and let her (attempt to) crawl around and play.

did you, or do you plan to, get your baby baptized? it was such a beautiful and spiritual ceremony and i am glad we did it!


Katy Mary said...

Such cute pics Darby! I'm glad Ryan and I could be there :)

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