Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time for change

it's 4am and i just got the little one back to sleep after being awake for an hour. she usually sleeps til 5 or 6 so i'm hoping tonight was just a fluke.

keith's uncle passed away yesterday. we aren't 100% sure on details right now but word is that he had a heart attack. he was only 55. life is just too, too short.

we have decided to give aubrey her own room, since we are living here til at least june of next year. we will probably be making the transition this weekend. keith & i will be taking the smaller bedroom, as aubrey's crib won't fit through the door without completely taking it apart.

aubrey and i have a date on saturday night that will involve lots of singing and cuddles and aubrey's favorite: tummy time. her neck is becoming quite strong. pretty soon she'll be able to keep it steady. i can't believe how big she is getting, so fast. this sunday will mark two months since my little sweetpea was born. time does go by much too fast.

i would like some blog friends. if you are reading this, please suggest to me a friend or two. it'd be greatly appreciated :)


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